Cocker Spaniel Colours

The breed comes in a variety of colours. The Dogs Australia Breed Standard determines the colours that are acceptable for registration and exhibition in conformation dog shows.

Any colour or marking other than stated is undesirable.

Solid Colours
Black; red; golden; liver (chocolate); black and tan; liver and tan; No white allowed except a small amount on chest.

                   (black)                                                   (gold)                                      (black and tan)









(liver and tan) 

Black and white; orange and white; liver and white; lemon and white; All with or without ticking.


     (black and white)                    (liver and white)

Black, white and tan; liver, white and tan.

   (black/white and tan)

Blue roan; orange roan; blue roan and tan; liver roan; liver roan and tan; lemon roan.










(blue roan)                                          (orange roan)                             (blue roan and tan)

      (liver roan)                               (lemon roan)

Further information:

The Cocker Spaniel Club UK has on their website an interesting article on Understanding Cocker Colours, Patterns and Markings. We acknowledge and thank the club for access to this article.

The Black and Tan Club on the website Canigou Cocker Spaniels. Thank you Tricia Bentley for permission to publish this information.


** Photos published with permission