Quick Quiz

Take the Quick Quiz and test your fun facts knowledge about the Cocker Spaniel National Championship Shows.

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Q1:Which National Championship Show between 1985 and 2018 had the highest entry?

a)  Victoria in 1985

b)  Queensland in 2000

c)  NSW in 2016


Q2: There have been 18 National Championship Shows between 1985 and 2018. How many of the judges have been male?

a)  8

b)  12

c)  6


Q3: Which of the following cockers have won more than one 'Best in Show' at a Cocker Spaniel National Championship Show?

a) Gr Ch Feenix Fair Star

b) Gr Ch Ryangaye Rhythm N Time

c) Gr Ch Royoni Hes True Blue


Q4: In what year was the Frank Werner Memorial National Champioship Show held?

a) 1990 in South Australia

b) 1996 in NSW

c)  2000 in Queensland


Q5: How many 'Best in Show' winners have been solid colours?

a)  5

b)  2

c)  1                    



Q1:b) Queensland in 2000: entry 310. The entry in 1985 was 151 and in 2016: 236.

Q2: a) Eight National judges have been male. Mr R Weir (1985), Mr T Creamer (1988), Mr M Armstrong (1993), Mr E Simpson (1994), Mr R Wyatt (1998), Mr D Telford (2002), Mr A Jones (2006) and Mr M Boswell (2018).

Q3: a) and b) Gr Ch Feenix Fair Star won three nationals in 2000, 2002 and 2004. Gr Ch Ryangaye Rhythm N Time won two nationals in 2006 and 2010. Gr Ch Royoni Hes True Blue won one national in 2008.

Q4: b) 1996 in NSW

Q5: c) One 'Best in Show' winner has been a solid colour: Eng Sh Ch / Ch Dillonpark Peroni (Imp UK) in 2016 was a black bitch.


** photo published with permission